BDR's: A meeting is more expensive than you think

May 24, 20242 min read

I get about 50 messages from SDR’s, BDR’s, and AE’s every day.

And I’m not currently in a role to be buying any enterprise software, so I can’t imagine what my director and VP receive.

The problem with 99% of these emails: They ask for too much investment from me up-front.

These reps are all running the same exact play - try to show they know who I am, talk about what their company does, then immediately try to sell me on an “introductory meeting.”

How many people actually take them up on this?

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what kind of commitment a 30 minute call is? Imagine the opportunity cost of thirty minutes for a VP or C-level executive. It’s massive!

I don’t know you. I don’t trust you. At best, you’re just another email in my inbox. At worst, you’re another annoying sales rep who blends in with everyone else.

And here comes an email claiming to have the secret to solving all of my problems. All I have to do is jump on an introductory call with you?

Does this ever work? Well, certainly, otherwise no one would do it.

But there’s a better way.

Instead, focus on building trust first. You need to get prospects to believe you can actually help them.

At the very least, give them a reason to remember you and believe you might actually be able to help them.

Show them that you know and understand their problems better than anyone else.

Take time to understand them, their role, and what keeps them up at night. Then help them solve those problems.

It doesn’t have to be crazy. It can be as simple as a report about findings in their industry and recommendations on improving their business.

That goes a long way.

No soft sell at the end. Just straight up value.

Share content, webinars, reports, or anything you can find that might help them.

Do it over and over again and you’ll prove to them that you understand them.

Imagine if a BDR delivered you a custom report once a month showing you how to improve your business? What if it materially impacted you and your success in your job?

Even if you don’t eventually ask for a meeting, you’d be 1000x more likely to accept one once the need arises and you’re in-market for their services.

Deliver value and build trust first. Selling will come once that’s established.

And if you have to rush it faster than that, you should probably ask marketing for some more leads.

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