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The secret marketing superpower for subcontractors

April 06, 20242 min read

If you're like most subcontractors, you understand that waiting for referrals can be a slow and uncertain path to business growth. Building relationships is crucial, but what if you could proactively reach out to potential clients and grow your business on your own terms?

The majority of subcontractors struggle with inconsistent project flow due to reliance on referrals alone. Waiting for the phone to ring simply isn't sustainable if you want to grow your business consistently.

To this day, the most powerful method to market to business owners is through email. You can contact people directly and ensure they actually see your message.

But imagine having to find all of these contacts and craft a personalized email for each person. Without someone dedicated to this, it’s a process that often gets pushed aside. As a busy subcontractor, your focus should be on delivering quality work, not tedious research and email drafting.

But what if you could have a personalized email sent to decision makers at companies you want to work with without you having to do anything?

That's where personalized cold email campaigns come in. Instead of passively waiting for opportunities, you have a direct line to decision-makers at companies you want to work with.

And you'll only target prospects who align with your ideal client profile. You get to define that criteria to ensure only good-fit prospects see your message.

For example, we've helped subcontractors like you connect with commercial builders in California with 1-25 employees, resulting in 55 responses and 4 new commercial projects within the first three months alone.

You can see the proof of that campaign here:

Here’s how it works:

  1. You only send emails to people who are a good fit for your services -  We define that criteria together to ensure we only email people you actually want to work with.

  2. The email comes from you personally -  We write the email with your name, signature, and writing style. We write it together and it’s not a generic looking marketing email that goes to spam.

  3. It’s completely automated -  This allows you to send as many emails per day as you want, depending on the size of the list and your capacity to take on new business.

  4. You only respond if there’s initial interest - If someone responds positively, you are notified and can take the conversation from there, selling your services.

  5. You only pay if you get a positive response - You only pay a small fee when someone actually shows interest in your business. No flat rate retainers or fees.

So, if you're looking to grow your subcontracting business, this is the secret sauce. It's simple and demands minimal effort from you as the business owner.

Get ready to handle an influx of opportunities. Be prepared to find yourself building dozens or even hundreds of new relationships. From my years of experience as a marketer, this is the most effective approach I've seen.

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